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AsusTek R710 Satellite Navigator

Asus has announced the AsusTek R710 Satellite Navigator that is embedded with a pathfinder function. With the help of this feature the navigational instructions and distances are displayed on the windshield of the car thus helping you to concentrate on the road better.

AsusTek R710 In-Car Satellite Navigator has a dimension of 133 mm x 86.2 mm x 16.8 mm and a weight of 240 grams. It uses a Windows CE 5.0 operating system that uses Samsung 2443 processor; clocked at 400MHz. Its internal Ram memory of 64MB and a 2GB Flash ROM memory.

AsusTek R710 Satellite Navigator

This memory capacity can be increased up-to 8GB using microSD memory cards. The sat nav’s internal antenna is integrated with a high sensitivity SirfStar III GPS receiver. The R710 comes with a wide 5-inch touch screen display that has a screen resolution of 480×272 pixels. A built-in light sensor automatically switches between day and night modes.

AsusTek R710 Satellite Navigator uses iGo8 mapping system that provides up to date mapping information. Once it has calculated the route to your destination it will display it on the device. The turn by turn route is displayed on the windshiled of the car owing to the device’s Pathfinder technology. This is the first GPS unit to use pathfinder technology for navigational purposes. With the turn-by-turn route displayed on your windshield you do not have to remove your eyes off the road which helps you to avoid any kind of accidents. With several points of interest preloaded in the system it becomes easy for you to locate the nearest hotel or tourist spot.

AsusTek R710 PMP Satellite Navigator comes with a MP3 player and a video player. It also includes a picture viewer. When you are not navigating you can use this device as a complete PMP unit. This device can play your favourite tracks and video as well as view pictures and photos. Thus this is a 2-in-1 device which can be used as a navigational unit as well as an entertainment tool.

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