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Garmin Nuvi 550 or Road Angel Adventurer 7000 – Which is Better?

[ad#imapnov08] This being the period of holiday and outings, its time to pack your bags and get going to venture unknown territories. Travelling should involve loads of fun and adventure. But the point is to know the place you are…

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Free, mandatory GPS software available now

[ad#imapnov08] Garmin released a free, mandatory GPS software update to correct a software issue that has been discovered to cause select GPS devices to repeatedly attempt to update GPS firmware, and then either shut down or no longer acquire GPS…

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Update your Garmins: 7X5, 800, 8X5, Zumo 660, GPSMAP 620/640

[ad#imapnov08] If you recently updated your Garmin Firmware and i essentially killed your GPS, the fix is here. Garmin has posted fixes and FAQ's all over the place to get you back and running via "Mandatory" updates; shouldn't have let…

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Samsung unveils Jet phone, Route 66 navigation on-board

[ad#imapnov08] Samsung this week unveiled a new phone, the Samsung Jet, boasting a Samsung proprietary operating system and presented as “smarter than a smartphone”. Samsung Jet indeed supports key smartphone’ software features such as multi-task manager and Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.…

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