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لحظه تحويل سال نو در شهرهاى بزرگ جهان

سال نو خورشیدی در روز جمعه ۳۰ اسفند ۱۳۸۷ هجرى شمسى (برابر با ۲۰ مارس ۲۰۰۹ ميلادى) به ساعت ۱۵ و ۱۳ دقیقه و ۳۹ ثانیه به وقت تهران، و ساعت ۱۱ و ۴۳ دقیقه و ۳۹ ثانیه به وقت…

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Ancient Cylinder Seal Unearthed in Northern Iran

[ad#imapnov08] Iranian archeologists have unearthed an ancient cylinder seal dating to at least 3,500 years ago in Iran's northern Mazandaran Province. Archeological excavations at the Kelar Mound in the north of Iran have resulted in the discovery of a cylinder…

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Pre-Parthian Underground City Discovered in Hamedan

[ad#imapnov08] Hamadan Province in western Iran has yielded an underground city, which is believed by archeologists to date back to pre-Parthian eras. Archeologists found 25 of the underground citys rooms, halls and corridors in a 4-meter-deep site in Samen located…

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Zoroastrians Observe Sadeh Festival in Iran

[ad#imapnov08] Irans Zoroastrian community held the Jashn-e-Sadeh Festival for celebrating the discovery of fire on the 10th of the Iranian month of Bahman (Jan. 29). Considered one of the biggest Persian festivities in ancient times, Jashn-e-Sadeh (also known as the…

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Parthian Jar Burials Near Persian Gulf Coast

[ad#imapnov08] An Iranian archaeological team has recently discovered ten Parthian era jar burials at the Nakhl-e Ebrahim site in Hormuzgan Province. The burials were unearthed during the second season of excavations carried out to save artifacts and information from the…

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