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Clarion MAP 770 GPS System

Clarion has introduced a completely portable sat nav; the Clarion MAP 770 GPS System that is a great device to be taken along on business and leisure trips. The Clarion MAP 770 In-Car GPS System measures 130 x 90 x 20 mm and weighs 200 grams. It comes with a 4.3-inch LCD touch screen display with an anti-reflective coating. The screen supports more than 65000 colours.
It uses the Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 platform that runs on a CPU clocked at 400 MHz. It includes a flash ROM memory of 2GB and this internal memory capacity can be increased using SD or MMC external memory cards. This unit comes with slots for connecting headphones as well as for USB interface. Its rechargeable battery comes with 4.5 hours of battery life. The unit comes with an internal antenna integrated with a SirfStar III 20-channel GPS receiver. A slot has been provided to connect an external RDS-TMC antenna.

Clarion MAP 770 GPS System

The Clarion MAP 770 GPS System includes the maps of 28 European countries along with a postcode search facility. Thus now you can easily locate an address using the postcode. The maps can be viewed in 2-dimensional as well as 3-dimensional formats and comes with automatic junction zoom. It calculates your route and guides you along it. While guiding you the device uses the Smart Zoom technology that zooms in and out while approaching a turn or junction. Along with precise route guidance this compact gps unit also provides you with time-to-time voice instructions. The voice directions and menu selections are available in multiple European languages. It warns you about the area’s maximum speed limit, so that you are not caught for speed related issues. The unit’s TMC feature provides you real-time traffic information, thus telling you about the traffic jams or road congestions occurring en-route. In such cases it also automatically calculates an alternative path and guides you along it. This is also done when you detour from your set path or happen to miss a turn or junction.

This Multimedia Clarion MAP 770 GPS System comes with an internal MP3 player and a photo viewer. Thus you can load the device’s internal memory with music tracks and photos. Thus now when you are not navigating you can listen to music or view photos. It also comes with Bluetooth compatibility that allows you to make and receive calls hands free. Also you can transfer data over a wireless network between Bluetooth compatible devices. This device brings along a windscreen suction mount, a car charger, a USB cable and an instruction manual.

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