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Garmin Edge 705 Satellite Navigator

Garmin came up with the idea of manufacturing a GPS device specifically meant for the cyclist group. A complete cycling computer that would not only perform the basic functionalities but will be merged with a GPS system so that users are now aware of their exact location and are able to reach the destination safely.

Garmin Edge 705 Satellite Navigator

Garmin Edge 705 Cyclist’ Satellite Navigator has the display dimensions of 1.37 x 1.71 inches (2.2-inches); while the device dimensions work out as 5.1 x 10.9 x 2.5 cm and the weight is 104 grams. This sat nav has got an in-built antenna integrated with SiRF Star GPS receiver. It is powered by a rechargeable Lithium-polymer battery which has a battery life of 15 hours.

Garmin Edge 705 Satellite Navigator provides users with the option of storing up-to 100 waypoints and favourites in the system, along with the base-maps. Users can create a simple workout programme by inputting the time and distance as well as create a customised and goal oriented workout programme. It offers Courses feature wherein users can compete against their previous workouts. The in-built timers have an auto-pause and auto-resume feature; this works automatically when the user stops or slows down. This sat nav automatically starts a new lap and can store about 1000 laps in history.

Garmin Edge 705 Waterproof Satellite Navigator is compatible with the Garmin Training Centre software that acts as a personalised trainer; providing users with information on their speed, distance, climb, heart rate against various terrains and elevations. This satellite navigator brings along a Virtual Partner; a digital person against whom users can train and practise. This sat nav has the capability of setting up exercise and rest intervals; it also activates an alarm on reaching the goal or when the time is up. It also has a Speed Cadence sensor that measures the speed and the distance travelled. This satellite navigator comes with an in-built Barometric altimeter for measuring pressure as well as a Heart Rate monitoring function using which it can measure the heart rate at elevations and rugged terrain.

Garmin Edge 705 Satellite Navigator permits the transfer of data between similar units; along with a GPS system with superb features and functionalities users get AC charger, a bike mount, a Heart rate monitor, a speed/cadence sensor, a USB cable and a user friendly start-up guide.

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