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Garmin FR60 Sportwatch with Heart Rate Monitor

Garmin is continuing to invest in the sports and fitness segment with the launch of the Garmin FR60 sportwatch (read: No GPS in there) that ups the ante from the Garmin Forerunner 50 watch that first brought the Garmin name to an entry level sports watch product. Fashioned after the Garmin Forerunner 405, the new FR60 has a sleek body, and is packed with some features that will allow it to compete well in the sports watch category.

Garmin FR60 Sportwatch with Heart Rate Monitor

Two versions will be offered: The Black FR60 sportwatch will come with a heart rate monitor (HRM), and footpod (The men’s version in red and the woman’s version in lilac include just the HRM), which offers a wireless connection to monitor the number of paces you have taken in your workout. The HRM is of course wireless too. The beauty of the unit is that the wireless capabilities run over Garmin’s proprietary ANT+ system that offers short range low power consumption communication. They are including the ANT+ Stick that is a USB dongle/stick thing that you plug into your computer and when you want, you can wirelessly sync the Garmin FR60.

The Garmin FR60 in Black – with footpod and Heart rate Monitor will list for $199, while the Red or Lilac versions – with the heart rate monitor only will retail for $129. The Garmin FR60 will be available this spring.

The wireless features of the FR60 are enabled by ANT+ personal area network technology. ANT+ is a leading wireless interface protocol enabling ultra low power applications like fitness monitors. ANT+ offers all the benefits of digital wireless communications with much lower power consumption than other wireless protocols. The men’s version of the FR60 weighs just 44 grams, the women’s model weighs 41 grams, and each has a user-replaceable battery with a one-year life.

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