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GPS Glossary

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GPS – Global Positioning System, a satellite based navigational aid available to the public

GPS receiver – a device that can lock on to signals from navigational satellites and use them to provide location, altitude and velocity to the user

Navigation device – Satellite Navigation device, a type of GPS receiver used for routing and mapping

Touch screen – the LCD display on Navigation device devices that responds to fingertip pressure to change settings

GPS time – the standardized time to which GPS satellites are synchronized, it is not tied to the rotation of the earth so there are no “leap seconds” in GPS time

GPS constellation – the group of approximately 30 GPS satellites orbiting the earth that broadcast microwave signal to be received by GPS receivers

Geocaching – an outdoor game for the digital age in which someone “hides” the treasure or “geocache” and the gamers, “geocachers” use their GPS receiver to try to find it

POIs – Points of interest, restaurants, gas stations, emergency assistance, hotels and more, often embedded in the Navigation device mapping software

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