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Mio Explora K75 Sat Nav Phone

The Mio Explora K75 is believed to be the foremost smart phone from Mio that features the novel Spirit GPS navigation software. It works on Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system and runs on an Qualcomm MSM7201A processor that is clocked at 528 MHz. It is the successor of the Mio Explora K70 Sat Nav Phone.

The Mio Explora K75 GPS Phone has a 3.5-inch screen that is wide enough for viewing navigational data. The monitor provides a screen resolution of 400×240 pixels. Along with navigational properties, it includes quad-band GSM, Wi-Fi and 3.5G network support.

Mio Explora K75 Sat Nav Phone

With internet compatibility you can download the necessary maps and other information directly to your unit, thus eliminating the need for a dedicated computer. Furthermore, its Bluetooth compatibility enables you to make and receive calls hands free. Another startling feature expected of this unit is its 3 mega-pixel camera that enables you to geotag photos.

The Mio Explora K75 Slim Satellite Navigator measures 115.3 x 61.5 x 11.9 mm in dimensions and weighs just about 115 grams. It has a 128 RAM, a 256 ROM of internal memory as well as an external memory slot for increasing the internal memory capacity. It has all the necessary features that any high-end smart phone will have. Though the pricing details are yet to be announced, it is expected to hit the stores in July 2009.

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