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Navigon 7300T Satellite Navigator

The Navigon 7300T Satellite Navigator is being claimed to be the first sat nav that features a Rand McNally Scenic Routes data, that offers users with a 3D visualisation experience. This is a high end sat nav system that includes a 3D panoramic view and landmark views along with voice address entry facility. The Navigon 7300T Automotive Satellite Navigator measures 4.6 x 3.2 x 0.75 inches in dimensions and weighs about 6.5 ounces. All the navigational data can be viewed on the unit’s 4.3-inch flat panel touch screen display. The device works on a Windows CE .Net 6.0 operating system that runs on a Centrality Titan processor clocked at 600MHz.

Navigon 7300T Satellite Navigator

The Navigon 7300T Satellite Navigator comes pre-installed with with the maps of United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands and millions of POIs. Its MyRoutes feature has been designed to adjust with the driver’s driving styles and the time of travel. Owing to the Text-to-Speech functionality, the unit reads out the names of streets and roads as and when they appear on the screen assisting the user to concentrate on the road. Its lane assistance facility can aptly guide a user on a multiple lane highway. Additionally the speed assistant function will display the speed limit of the region and will alert you in case you happen to exceed the specified limit.

Navigon 7300T Hand-Held Satellite Navigator furnishes real-time traffic updates notifying the user about the traffic congestions and road blocks well in advance. In case of road congestions, the dynamic routing feature can compute an alternative route and guide you via it. Its Bluetooth compatibility allows you to stay focused on the road whilst making and receiving calls. Along with this sat nav user get a car mount, an adapter for dashboard mounting, a car charger, an instruction manual and warranty.

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