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Navigon sat-nav application for Android

Navigon has announced plans for a sat-nav application for Android. In what could be a threat to the free Google Maps Navigation, Navigon’s application for Android will be released on December 10th. The announcement was made at iCE Amsterdam and according to reports, Bernd Hahn, the Head of Technical Product Management at Navigon made it clear that there will be two separate regional versions of which one will be for Europe.

Hahn is also reported to indicate that the new application will have a few changes that will go with the screen resolutions and interface of Android phones.

Navigon sat-nav application for Android
The Navigon sat-nav application will be compatible with all handsets that have versions of Android 1.5 to 2.0. Though details on pricing and functionality have not been revealed yet, some reckon that the application could cost almost as that of the existing Navigon iPhone application (almost £55).

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