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Navman iCN 320 Satellite Navigator

The Navman iCN 320 In Car Sat Nav is a ready-to-use GPS navigation device which uses latest technologies in GPS like SiRFstarII™ receiver for hassle-free navigation. The preloaded software technologies like SmartST™, Drive-Away™, Back-on-Track (for automatic re-routing), POI (points of interest), Postcode address search, Favourite destinations stored, and Multiple routing options make travel truly safe and quick.

Navman iCN 320 Satellite Navigator

The iCN 320 effectively displays accurate navigational information which is updated 95 percent of the time to a fix of 5 meters. The 2.83 inch TFT anti-glare LCD colour display screen provides 2D map views along with Turn-by-Turn and Next maneuver features. It is preloaded with maps of major countries depending on where it is purchased. Additional maps can be uploaded using the SD card slot. You can find your way in alien territory without even looking at the screen and just following the clear voice-based instructions. There is a choice of male and female voices. It is compatible with all kinds of vehicles.

The Navman iCN 320 Portable GPS System is not as sleek as its other touch-screen competitors but it is ideal for starters. The lack of complex features like Bluetooth, music players and other frills make it easier to use. The screen displays not just the map but also the next turn to be taken, the distance and the direction along with a countdown bar which shows the current location and the actual distance to the next turn. You can store in addresses and favorite locations using the on-screen keypad. It does not however have the capabilities of the other up-to-date GPS devices in terms of rerouting around traffic jams or accident sites. The battery life is also low at just 2 hours.

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