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Pioneer AVICF900BT Satellite Navigator

Pioneer has introduced the Pioneer AVICF900BT Satellite Navigator which is the latest in the AVIC series following the Pioneer AVIC F700BT. The Pioneer AVICF900BT In-Car Satellite Navigator comes with a large 5.8-inch touch screen display, which has a display resolution of 800 x 400 pixels. It has an internal flash memory of 2GB that comes pre-loaded with the maps of 33 European countries. These maps also include elevation 3D maps and around 1.5 million points of interest. You can also add personalised points of interest; however with so many points of interest there may not be a need to add any.

Pioneer AVICF900BT Satellite Navigator

A slot has been provided for connecting external memory cards; SD memory card can be used for memory expandability. For quick PC interface a USB slot has been incorporated in the device.

With the Pioneer AVICF900BT Satellite Navigator you can calculate the nearest and shortest route to your destination. You can calculate the quickest route that will help you avoid all major tolls en-route to your destination. Addresses can be located using the postcode or the suburb name. It comes with a speed limit alert that warns you on exceeding the prescribed speed of the area. Its Text-To-Speech compatibility reads out the names of the roads and junctions as and when they appear on the screen, this helps you in staying focused on the road. With the help of the device’s TMC receiver you can get real-time traffic updates. In case of any road congestions this one suggests an alternative route to your destination.

Pioneer AVICF900BT Multi-Sensor Satellite Navigator makes use of multiple sensors which gather informations about your whereabouts. In case you are driving through a tunnel and have lost the GPS signal, you need not worry, these sensors will inform you about your location. This multimedia sat nav can play your DVD and CD collection. It supports the MPEG4 technology that allows you to watch movies. You can also connect your iPod via an optional cable. Its Bluetooth compatibility allows you to make and receive hands free calls. This Double-DIN system features an anti-theft protection function that prompts for a password every time it is disconnected from the battery, thus safeguarding your personal information. Along with this all-rounder sat nav you get the necessary accessories.

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