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Pioneer AVIC X1BT GPS System

[ad#imapnov08] The Pioneer AVIC X1BT is a high range satellite navigational device which seamlessly combines navigation with entertainment. It incorporates all of Pioneer’s experience and expertise in satellite navigation and stays on top with advanced routing and re-routing options enhanced…

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Pioneer AVIC-S2 Satellite Navigator

[ad#imapnov08] The Pioneer AVIC-S2 has complete GPS navigational capabilities for thirty European countries. It ranges over seven million kilometers covering 1.4 million points of interest (POI). More maps of other countries can be installed for a price of around $180…

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Pioneer AVIC-F500BT SatNav

[ad#imapnov08] Pioneer has introduced Pioneer AVIC-F500BT In-Car Satellite Navigator. It measures 3.87-inches in height, 7.25-inches in width and 1.125-inches in thickness. It has a 5.8-inch wide touch screen display. The screen has both day view and night view modes. It…

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