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UK’s Top 10 Satellite Navigators

The list of the best 10 sat navs of 2008:

Navman S30 3D Satellite Navigator
With the core design concept, entry level Navman S30 3D GPS System has hit the road at a much competitive price. It is a budget-priced and a standalone satellite navigation kit from Navman’s S series. Navman has made it clear with the bottom line, offering a simple and affordable GPS system for users.
The interactive interface along with 3D and 2D map views are the highlight of Navman S30 model as it also comes with a 3.5-inch widescreen and a windshield mount that is supported by a clip-down sucker, which firmly holds sat nav with the freedom to turn in all comfortable positions.

Navman S30 3D Sat Nav

The package includes all the impressive accessories like a USB cable for PC hook-up, windscreen mount, cigarette lighter, quick star guide booklet and a DVD-ROM that contains global map data and desktop software. You can easily toggle between the three-dimensional graphic view and a normal 2D map view by the simple press of a button that makes your reading easier. It is also equipped with latest UK and Ireland maps and preinstalled safety camera database for safe navigational solutions. The overall design is wide and simple to give enough room for widescreen and Navman has definitely followed its own style.

Becker Traffic Assist 7977 Satellite Navigator
Becker Traffic Assist 7977 In-Car Satellite Navigator is 126mm wide, 81mm high and 20.8mm deep. It has a weight of 202 grams. It includes a 4.3-inch widescreen colour display with 24-bit colour depth and provides both day and night viewing modes while supporting 16.7 million colours. It can also adjust the screen brightness automatically. This sat nav has an internal flash memory of 128MB; the memory capacity can be increased up-to 2GB with SD memory cards. It has a 400Mhz processor, an in-built antenna integrated with a highly sensitive SIRF III GPS receiver and high quality loudspeakers. It has a slot for USB interface, a headphone jack, an external antenna jack and a slot for external memory card.

Becker Traffic Assist 7977 Satellite Navigator

Becker Traffic Assist 7977 Satellite Navigator includes the maps of 40 European countries on its 2GB SD card. It provides a choice of 22 languages for instructions and route guidance. It permits both 2D and 3D viewing of maps. It is equipped with many points of interest; thus now users can easily locate the nearest petrol stations, hospitals etc. It provides complete 8-digit postcode search facility. Its internal flash memory can store about 50 favourite destinations. It is equipped with nearly 4000 directional signs that are used on European roads. It uses Becker’s advanced Lane Assist feature which can indicate the recommended driving lane well in advance. Its control menu is easy even for an amateur to navigate through.

RAC 220 Satellite Navigator
RAC has been in the motorists field for many years, thus they have a clear idea of what are the exact requirements while travelling. They have introduced the RAC 220 sat nav provides real time traffic updates, door-to-door navigation and 7-digit postcode search facility.

RAC 220 Satellite Navigator

Having understood the basic needs of a navigator; RAC has managed to use the latest and user friendly Route 66 Navigation software. The voice instructions provided by the RAC 220 is loud and clear and enables you to concentrate on the road whilst navigating. Its internal in-built antenna is integrated with a SirfStar III GPS receiver for quick and accurate position detection. It also features a wide 5-inch touch screen display and up-to date Navteq maps and a 64MB internal memory.

Garmin Nuvi 860T Satellite Navigator
Garmin Nuvi 860T In-Car Satellite Navigator has a wide 4.3-inch touch-screen colour display with a display resolution of 480 x 272 pixels. It has a height of 7.8cm, width of 12.5cm and a thickness of 1.8cm. The weight of this sat nav is only 176 grams. It works on Linux open architecture, which makes it a very secure system. It has inbuilt speakers and an internal antenna integrated with a high sensitivity receiver. It has internal solid state memory; the memory capacity can be increased by using microSD memory cards. It runs on a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery with a battery life of up-to 4 hours. A slot is provided for connecting external antenna (if required). Also a slot for USB-PC interface is provided on this GPS device. A 3.5mm jack is provided for connecting headphones.

Garmin Nuvi 860T Satellite Navigator

Garmin Nuvi 860T Satellite Navigator comes with a base map and many custom points of interest. It provides an option to add additional points of interest as well. It permits both 2D and 3D map views. Users are also offered the facility to search an address with the postcode. It can plan route with multiple stopovers, as well as a direct and simple route. Real-time traffic information is available on this satellite navigator. Thus users can now avoid traffic congestions and certain types of roads such as highways and tolls. In case of traffic congestion or accidents en-route, this device can automatically re-route the user through an easier route. Along with accurate route guidance, it also provides timely voice prompts thus enabling you to concentrate on the road whilst navigating.

Sony NV-U93T Satellite Navigator
Sony Nv-U 93t Touch Screen Satellite Navigator has a 4.8-inches colour screen with anti-glare coating and touch-screen operation. The screen supports a resolution of 480 x 272 pixels, and allows brightness adjustment as well. Also includes day and night modes operation. It measures 145 x 87 mm, and weighs 250 grams.

Sony Nv-U 93t Satellite Navigator works on an Intel PXA270 520MHz processor and is integrated with a SiRFStar III GPS receiver, which includes Position plus 3 sensors that provides accurate positioning even during loss of GPS signal. It has an in-built 2GB Flash memory and supports external memory cards. It works on rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. It has a slot for USB interface and a 3.5mm jack for connecting headphones.

Sony NV-U93T Satellite Navigator

Sony Nv-U 93t Satellite Navigator uses Navteq mapping device with the maps of 21 European countries. It provides users with voice instructions in 17 pre-installed European languages. It includes 2D and 3D map viewing facility and accurate route information. Sony Nv-U 93t TMC Sat Nav provides real-time route guidance information with up-to-date traffic information. The TMC feature provided by this sat nav not only gives users information about the traffic congestions but also assists users in re-routing the original route enabling easier and quicker arrival to destination. This sat nav shows users the upcoming waypoints. It has a Gesture Command feature which permits users to trace a simple line to commonly travelling destinations. It allows alphabetical address selection and postcodes search facility along with many points of interest. Thus providing users with easy access to the nearest petrol stations, hotels, etc.

HP iPaq 314 Travel Companion Satellite Navigator
HP IPAQ travel companion Sat Nav is here to make sure your routes are conformed to reach your place with out any trouble and effectively blow the triumph of dual-core 600 MHz Titan processor to push its limit and pursue your chosen destination quickly and safely. This travel companion is always ready to do handful of favour in guiding with latest maps and lots of point of interest locations are stored in 2GB of flash ROM accessed through SD card slot. All the western European maps are stored in the memory and the remaining memory is used for storing media contents. It does enable you to share map updates and other contents with your computer via high speed mini USB 2.0 connector.

HP IPAQ 314 Travel Companion Sat Nav

On the other hand HP IPAQ is truly a travel companion by acting as a complete entertainment system. Enjoy digital media library to access music & video, play video games and surf through your business multimedia content and have access to all your premium high definition entertainment features that keeps you live while driving. Face the twin personality of HP IPAQ, being a first class business companion and on the other side act like a guide to your personal adventure. Bluetooth technology is there to let you upload contacts for hand free calling and comfortably you can pan and zoom the on-screen map details up to street level view. HP has more focussed to put navigational tools as the first preference in offering the benefits like voice and on-screen guidance with loudly spoken out street names in turn-by-turn direction and enabling you to plan your journey with full postcode or address search.

Mio C520t Satellite Navigator
Mio has been in this market for the past 6 years or so. Though a new entrant, they have managed to integrate lots of user friendly features into their devices. Some of the Mio 520T sat nav’s features include a Bluetooth function, MP3 player, essential knowledge of the POT’s and a split screen technology that allows you to choose between similar options without quitting the navigating screen.

Mio C520t Satellite Navigator

It comes with a 4.3-inch touch screen display, real time traffic updates and maps of 22 European countries.

Navigon 2110 Max Satellite Navigator
Navigon has introduced a Smart-Speller in its unit; thus now you need not worry about spelling mistakes made while inputting the addresses. With its Reality View function motorways junctions and exists are displayed realistically. Also the Lane Assist features informs you about the upcoming correct lane well in advance.

Navigon 2110 Max Satellite Navigator

Its features include maps of 40 European countries, voice instructions and menu navigation in 18 European languages, a 4.3-inch wide touch screen display, realtime traffic updates and Speed Limit alerts.

Garmin Nuvi 770 Satellite Navigator
Garmin Nuvi 770 In-Car Satellite Navigator is 7.6cm high, 12.2cm wide and 2cm thick. It weighs about 176 grams. It has a 4.3-inch wide touch-screen display, with a display resolution of 480 x 272 pixels. It works on a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery with a battery life of up to 5 hours. It has internal solid state memory; this memory can be increased using SD memory cards. It includes a base-map with the maps of Europe and North America. A Map-Source City Navigator software for Europe is pre-loaded in the system. It includes about 10,000 points of interest, which makes it very easy to locate the nearest hotel or petrol station.

Garmin Nuvi 770 Satellite Navigator

Garmin Nuvi 770 Satellite Navigator’s primary features includes regular voice prompts with spoken street names. However, you the Nuvi 770 does not provide you with the facility of navigating with voice commands. It can calculate the route to your destination with a total of 500 way-points in between, 10 way-points are permitted per route. It provides you with the option of choosing the route you would want, like the fastest one or the most scenic one etc. It provides real-time traffic updates, thus enabling you to avoid traffic congestions and tolls. In the case of road blocks, the Nuvi 770 automatically re-routes you through an alternative path. Its unique “Where am I” feature finds the closest hospitals, police & gas stations, and the nearest address & intersection for you. Its patented ‘Garmin Locate’ function marks the position when it is removed from the wind-shield mount; making it easier for you to trace back the way to your car.

TomTom Go 930T Satellite Navigator
Tom Tom is the world’s largest provider of portable navigation solutions. They have, to a large extent succeeded in introducing advanced and unique technology in every model. By launching Tom Tom Go 930T In Car Satellite Navigation system, Tom Tom has given a new approach in working out the best possible routes without facing any traffic jam between two locations. All thanks to the new IQ Routes technology implimented by this device.

Tom Tom Go 930T Sat Nav

IQ Routes technology does the entire route planning by calculating the average speed on each road instead of stating maximum speeds to provide the best route for drivers. This routing technology works, based on the historical speed database collected from millions of Tom Tom community users and comprises of more then 10 billion kilometres of driven road. During calculation of average speed of the roads, IQ Routes technology takes the entire factor such as speed bumps, roundabouts, traffic lights and steep slopes that influence the journey time.

Tom Tom Go 930T GPS system go and search for all possible routes to select the ideal one that takes less time to reach, after average speed calculation. By considering this suggestion, you can avoid time delay apart from calculating how long it will take to reach the destination, which helps you to plan your journey accordingly. This directly saves your money, fuel and significant travel time also. IQ Routes technology enables you to plan the route equally efficiently. No matter you are driving through urban or hilly areas.

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