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Happy Sadi Day

Iranian people annually commemorate Sheikh Muslih od-Din Sadi Shirazi (C. 1213-1291), one of the greatest figures of classical Persian literature, on April 21, which has been named Sadi Day.

Happy Sadi Day

Following is Maxim 34 from Sadi’s Gulistan translated by Richard Francis Burton:

When a sage comes in contact with fools, he must not expect to be honored, and if an ignorant man overcomes a sage in an oratorical contest, it is no wonder, because even a stone breaks a jewel.

What wonder is there that the song
Of a nightingale ceases when imprisoned with a crow

Or that a virtuous man under the tyranny of vagabonds
Feels affliction in his heart and is irate.

Although a base stone may break a golden vase,
The price of the stone is not enhanced nor of the gold lost.

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