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Iranian musician Parviz Meshkatian dies at 54

The renowned Iranian composer, researcher and Santour-player, Parviz Meshkatian has died at the age of 54 in his home in Tehran.

The prominent musician passed away after going into cardiac arrest on September 21, 2009.

Born on May 15, 1955 in the historical city of Neyshabur, Parviz Meshkatian was a distinguished figure of Persian music who worked with many celebrated maestros including Mohammad-Reza Shajarian.
Iranian musician Parviz Meshkatian

Meshkatian entered the conservatory of music at an early age and studied theory and technique with the masters Noor Ali Boroomand, Dariush Safvat, Mohammad Taghi Massoudieh, and Mehdi Barkeshli. He chose the Radif of Mirza Abdollah as his main topic of research. After finishing his academic studies, Meshkatian continued the study of music with such masters as the late Abdollah Davami, Saied Hormozi, and Yousef forootan. He has won the first prize of Barbad competition in the field of santur. Meshkatian taught santur at the Center for the Preservation and Dissemination of Music where he also served as ensemble leader.

Meshkatian was one of the founding members of Aref and Sheyda ensembles, and Chavosh Artistic and Cultural Foundation.

The veteran artist held numerous international concerts in Asian and European countries including France, Germany, the UK, Sweden, the Netherlands and Denmark.

Meshkatian published four books on Persian music and the traditional instrument Santour. He published the book Twenty Pieces for Santour in the spring of 1982.

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