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Iran’s Capital Dipped in Polluted Air

Iranian authorities cautioned that the cold season has deteriorated the condition of air pollution in the capital Tehran, saying that the high level of poisonous gases has posed a great danger to the citizens’ lives.

“The colder the weather gets, the more air pollution we face in Tehran. Poisonous gases emitted from vehicles and industries continue to wreak havoc on Tehran’s air,” MNA quoted Director of Tehran’s Air Quality Control Company (AQCC) Yousef Rashidi as saying.

Rashidi reiterated that Tehran’s air is in urgent need of snow and rain which help to the reduction of dust, SO2 and NO2.

He also took the Iranian health ministry responsible for not declaring the number of deaths linked with air pollution.

The latest study conducted by the AQCC found the current level of air pollution unprecedented in the past 30 years in Iran.

Vision in Tehran has decreased to 600 meters in some areas, indicating the problem will not be easily remedied.

The latest research conducted by the Municipality of Tehran and Iran’s Department of the Environment (DoE) show that over 80% of Tehran’s air pollution is caused by automobile exhaust.

The oppressive air pollution has long been a health hazard to Tehran’s 12 million inhabitants.

According to an Iranian botanist, the air pollution has even caused butterflies flee Tehran for gardens and parks in the countryside.
Source: Fars News Agency

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