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Sahand – سهند

Sahand (Persian: سهند, Azerbaijani: سهند ) , (Kuh-e-Sahand) is a massive, heavily eroded calc-alkaline stratovolcano located in in northwestern Iran, about 60 km east of Lake Urmia and 40 km of the city of Tabriz.

At 3707 m 12,162 feet it is the highest mountain in the Iranian province of East Azarbaijan, in addition to being an important dormant volcano in the country. (Latitude: 37.75°N 37°45′0″N & Longitude: 46.43°E 46°26′0″E).

Iran - Sahand mountain

Numerous lava domes dot the lower flanks of the volcano. Pleistocene Potassium-Argon dates from 1.2-0.8 million years ago have been obtained (Innocenti et al., 1982), but Karakhanian et al. (2002) stated that eruptions at Sahand continued into the Holocene.
The highest peak is Kamal and approximately 17 peaks can be accounted for as being over 3,000 m. in height. Due to the presence of a variety of flora and fauna, the Sahand mountains are known as the bride of mountains in Iran.

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