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Satellite Navigator for Cyclists “Garmin Edge Series”

Garmin, the world’s leading manufacturer of satellite navigators has come out with a satellite navigator for the cyclists. These EDGE series of satellite navigators provide accurate information along with some add-on features such as displaying of cumulative elevation, distance covered etc. It also measures the performance, heart rate and lap distance of the user. Users can now upload the details on their computer and analyse the areas they need to improvise on. Also nicknamed as a cycling computer; it is a serious tool for athletes. This portable Edge series of devices not just allows users to keep track of the route, it also plans routes and motivates users to work harder the next time.

Opportunity comes just once in life, and with the Garmin Edge Series one need not have to miss it at all. By practising with this amazing gizmo users can be prepared to face the race when the need comes. The Garmin Edge models are easy to use, they do not require any kind of calibration. They provide customisable screens and data fields. Garmin has integrated GPS technology in the Edge series. This functionality includes basic navigation plus the option of recording races and rides on a real time basis. Everyone who purchases this GPS device gets Garmin Training Centre software included with the package that acts as a personalised trainer. This software provides them information on their speed, distance, climb, heart rate against various terrains and elevations.

Satellite Navigator for Cyclists “Garmin Edge Series”

Garmin has used the SiRF Star chipset for integrating with the satellite for faster signal acquisition; thus there is no loss of signal even deep in the woods. It has a wheel speed/cadence sensor that measures the distance travelled. Apart from the wheel sensor the Edge also has an additional sensor to record the distance between each track-point and store the details so as to be retrieved later. It also provides users with a 3D view of the route and displays the exact time user will take to reach their destination. It informs users about all the road-blocks occurring en-route.

The Edge Series is compatible with the Garmin Connect; which is an online community where users can share their data analyse and categorise their information. Garmin has incorporated the Edge series with a Virtual Partner; which is a digital person against whom one can practise and train. It provides the facility of automatically starting a new lap as well as automatically pausing and resuming the timer. It allows for goal oriented work-out sessions that can be customised by users. It can set-up an exercise programme or create a rest interval, also informs users if the pace is changed from a pre-set one. These gizmos allow users to compete against their own previous work-outs in turn mastering it. This is one gadget that is a must have for all the serious athletes out there.

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