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Winners of Avicenna International Awards announced

A Hungarian scholar and four Iranian researchers have won the Avicenna International Awards. The winners were announced Friday in Hamdan during the closing ceremony of the three-day Festival of Avicenna Theosophy. Hungarian scholar Miklos Maroth won the award for his efforts in the study of the philosophy of Avicenna.


He is the director of the Avicenna Institute for Middle Eastern Studies and a member of the Hungarian Academy of the Sciences. Seyyed Hadi Khosroshahi was honored for his research on Islamic luminaries, in particular for his studies on Seyyed Jamal ad-Din Asadabadi, a political activist in Iran, Afghanistan, Egypt, and the Ottoman Empire during 19th century. Another Avicenna award went to Hossein Nasr, an Iranian professor of Islamic studies at George Washington University, for his efforts in utilizing science to elevate human life.

Avecina’s tomb in Hamedan, Iran

The Avicenna International Awards were presented by the Avicenna Foundation.

Avicenna, Canon of Medicine

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