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A Study sues Sat Nav for distracting drivers

A study at Groningen University, Netherlands reveals that satellite navigation systems distract drivers and delay drivers’ reaction to situations. The study was conducted by a psychologist Eilen Wilschut. The test was carried out with drivers of different age groups and concluded that present design of satellite navigation distract drivers with unnecessary information.

This study also concludes that satellite navigation system displays tend to increase the drivers’ reaction time by one second. Drivers’ aged between 50 to 70 tend to get disturbed by excess colours and symbols whereas those drivers’ aged between 20 and 25 are confused by the complicated displays. This study recommends that the regulations related to satellite navigations must be tightened further and that the displays must be simpler to read with clearer colour schemes.

This study gives a new coverage to the increasing technologies embedded into the sat navs. The necessity of too much of facilities in satellite navigation systems are also brought into light. This once again raises the question, ‘Whether sat navs are a boon or a curse?‘. Expert advices and further studies could be expected in this area as sat nav is a major gadget that has almost become a part of our daily life.

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