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Acer V200 Satellite Navigator

The Acer V200 is a low-end GPS navigation device which serves just the basic purpose of showing the routes. The V200 does not have the frills like the Bluetooth or MP3 players unlike other GPS devices, and is hence ideal for casual users who prefer a simpler device. The loading time for the V200 is less than a minute. The display can be easily customized to either map-mode or text-mode in a few easy steps. Most GPS devices have a long series of menus to reach basic functions like itinerary or customization. But the Acer V200 has been designed to provide the required information with the minimum set of key operations.

Acer V200 Satellite Navigator

The V200 also offers information like current speed, remaining time/distance to the desired location, and the road being travelled, in both 2D and 3D modes. Users can set their route by browsing the map using the pedestrian modes and multi-stop planning options. Re-planning is also easier by avoiding certain routes whenever required. The volume control and the soft-power switch are placed on the exterior, making it easier for quick operation.

What makes the Acer V200 attractive are the on-screen tutorial, the simple touch-screen buttons, the day and night view 2D and 3D maps, the map view maximizer technology, the intelligent address search, and the high speed routing and rerouting, multi-stop routing and the Road-Avoidance-Functionality. Besides it requires no activation or installation. It’s Microsoft® Windows® CE .NET 5.0 operating system supports seventeen European languages. The battery has a usage time of three hours and can be recharged on the car charger.

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