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ASUS confirms Nuvifone availability in Asia

Garmin-Asus, the co-branding alliance between Garmin and ASUSTeK, has confirmed that its Smartphone nüvifone G60 (Linux operating system) will go on sale in Taiwan on July 27, and in Singapore and Malaysia by the end of August. Also in August, the Garmin-Asus nüvifone M20 (Windows mobile) will go on sale in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia.

These news confirm an earlier report from GPS Business News in an interview with Hektor Tung, regional director at ASUS for the handheld business in the South East Asia region.

ASUS confirms Nuvifone availability in Asia

Europe and US
According to Garmin-ASUS, “The nüvifone G60 is on schedule for delivery in Europe and in the United States in the second half of 2009, and additional details about pricing, availability and carriers will be announced in the coming months.” However, the word “on schedule” is probably a bit out of purpose here for a phone that Garmin has delayed for over 12 months. What was looking like a high profile phone when announced in January 2008 is now playing catch up with Android devices and the iconical iPhone which version 3.0 of its operating system is now opened to turn-by-turn navigation.

The M20 is said to touch the European shores at the same time while its availability in the United States is unconfirmed at this stage.

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