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AvMap signs up Citroen Netherlands for in-dash PND

Italy-based PND maker AvMap, announced last week it closed a deal with the Dutch Citroën branch to provide a dash-integrated PND solution to the Citroën C1 in the Netherlands.

AvMap signs up Citroën Netherlands for in-dash PND

AvMap has designed for Citroën a tailor-made holder which allows integrating in the Citroën C1 dashboard a Geosat 6 portable navigator. “We have pioneered in portable car navigation back in 1994, and today we are offering to car manufacturers hybrid solutions which ensure the best and safest positioning of the PND inside the car without any annoying cable nor suction cup limiting the visibility”, stated Simone Lazzarini, AvMap Managing Director.

This deal follows several similar contracts with leading automotive brands such as Peugeot Automobili Italia and Portugal, Mitsubishi Brazil, and Citroën Italy. To avoid the pitfall of the dropping prices on the PND market sold at retail, AvMap has been concentrating its activities in these automotive deals in order to sustain its margins.

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