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Becker Traffic Assist 7827 Satellite Navigator

The Becker Traffic Assist 7827 Satellite Navigator has a 4.3” TFT touch sensitive screen which allows you to enter the place you wish to reach, directly on the displayed map with a touch of your finger. The screen has a low-reflection and high contrast coating, which adjusts display characteristics automatically to suit viewing during day and night.

Becker Traffic Assist 7827 Satellite Navigator

This sat-nav gives you Lane Information as well, making it very easy for you to get into the right lane without confusion. The Reality View feature incorporated into this navigator, also displays realistic images of the roads and motorways, for enabling clear understanding of the path to be taken and preparing for turns in advance. A large number of Points of Interest are available as well, enabling you to find hotels, restaurants, ATMs, fuel stations and more, very easily. Safety while travelling is also assured with the Speed Limit function, which keeps a check on your speed and warns you in case you exceed speed limits. The Traffic Message Channel (TMC) feature, informs you about traffic jams and other obstructions on the path ahead too. The menu is designed to give great ease while operating, so you need not rattle your brains for accessing the features.

Pre-installed maps of European countries are already available in the 2 GB SD card that comes with this device. New NAVTEQ maps of places you wish to travel to, can also be loaded into this car navigator. Becker highly recommends NAVTEQ maps for best road navigation results. An integrated MP3/Video player is present in this car navigator as well, to provide entertainment during the journeys. Thus, the elegant, easy to use, Becker Traffic Assist 7827 GPS System with slim-line design, can prove to be a smart co-pilot and assist you in your travel everyday.

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