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BendixKing AV80R Satellite Navigator

Honeywell has designed a unique and exclusive multi-functional GPS unit, the BendixKing AV80R Satellite Navigator, which is the perfect airborne travelling companion. The BendixKing AV80R Dual Satellite Navigator measures 5.04 x 3.23 x 0.86 in dimensions and has a weight of 7.06 ounces.

BendixKing AV80R Satellite Navigator

This portable GPS system comes with a wide 4.3-inch touch screen LCD display that has a screen resolution of 480×272 pixels. It is powered by 800mAh battery that provides a total of 1.5 hours of battery operation. This GPS unit can be used in both automotive as well as flying modes.

BendixKing AV80R Satellite Navigator contains the automotive and aviation databases for Europe, North America and Canada. Depending on where you are travelling or flying, you can choose the appropriate one. This data is available of a 4GB SD card. The automotive database includes about a million points of interest for US and Canada. This device can be connected to the home computer for easy uploads of the databases as well as planning your routes. It also comes with a touch and drag facility that makes the map planning a simple operation. It has a special Smart-Profile view option that provides you with a vertical view of the terrain and obstacles, thus allowing you to plan the course ahead.

The BendixKing AV80R Handheld Satellite Navigator provides you with real-time weather updates. It includes a multimedia feature for watching movies and listening to music. It also comes with Bluetooth compatibility, this allows you to link it with an existing GPS device or with a mobile phone. This unit can also be connected with your flight’s auto-pilot programme. This aviation satellite navigator includes a 12V-28V DC adapter, an AC adapter, a USB cable, a remote GPS antenna, an aviation mount, an automotive windscreen mount, earphones and an instruction manual.

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