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Clarion MAP 690 and Clarion MAP 790

At CeBIT trade show which is taking place this moment in Germany, Clarion presented two new portable GPS navigation systems: the Clarion MAP 690 and Clarion MAP 790.

Both devices use the iGO My Way 8 navigation software which is capable of showing certain buildings and monuments in 3D, altitudes, realistic looking road signs, and posted speed limits.

Other features include text-to-speech to pronounce street names, and lane assistance to help you out on freeways.

Clarion MAP 690 and Clarion MAP 790

Clarion MAP 690 and Clarion MAP 790 will also include an RDS/TMC receiver for traffic updates but we’ll have to wait and see if this will cost extra.

Both GPS navigation systems have a 4.3″ touch screen with 480×272 pixel (WQVGA) resolution, SiRF III GPS receiver chip, a handsfree Bluetooth kit, all of which are controlled by the 400 MHz processor. For storage you’ve got a 2 GB built-in space which also holds the maps info.

Clarion MAP 690 will be delivered with local maps and the Clarion MAP 790 will come with maps of 44 European countries.
No precise details to date on their price and their date of release.

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