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Garmin eTrex Legend Satellite Navigator

Garmin eTrex Legend Handheld Satellite Navigator has display dimensions of 1.1-inches x 2.1-inches. It has a height of 5.1cms, a width 11.2cms and a thickness of 3cms. It weighs only 150 grams along with batteries loaded. This sat nav comes with an in-built memory of 8MB; the memory capacity can be increased by using SD memory cards. It is powered by 2xAA type batteries with a battery life of 18 hours. It has a slot for serial interface to connect the device to a computer.

Garmin eTrex Legend Satellite Navigator

Garmin eTrex Legend Satellite Navigator comes with three base-maps loaded; Americas Highway, Atlantic Highway and Pacific Highway. The Americas Highway includes the USA, Canada, Mexico, Central America and South America, the Atlantic Highway includes Europe, Western Russia, Africa and Middle East while the Pacific Highway includes Asia, Australia, and Oceania. Users can now check the places they need to visit and select the base-maps appropriately. This sat nav also allows users to add additional basemaps if required. These basemaps also include information about lakes, rivers, cities, major roadways and railways, as well as coastlines. A GPS device uses several waypoints while creating a route; Garmin etrex legend Satellite Navigator provides users to create about 1000 waypoints en-route and can hold up-to 20 saved tracks. It can save users’ last 10 tracks and up to 10000 track-log points.

Garmin eTrex Legend Waterproof Satellite Navigator provides users with current speed, average speed, maximum speed, time of sunrise and sunset, trip distance and trip timer, and finally optimal fishing and hunting times. It comes with an in-built marine navigation aid. Along with Garmin etrex legend Satellite Navigator, users get a base-map, a PC interface cable, a wrist strap, an owner’s manual and a user friendly start-up guide.

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