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Pioneer AVIC-X3 Satellite Navigator

Pioneer AVIC-X3 7-Inch Widescreen Satellite Navigator comes with a screen size of 7 inches with touch-screen operation. It has a slot for RCA AV input, a slot for RCS Pre-Outs, a slot for RCA AV Rear output, a slot for IP-Bus Control, a slot for USB interface, a slot for connecting iPod, and a slot for connecting headphones. It also provides portable unit connectivity and one for reverse camera input.

Pioneer AVIC-X3 Sat Nav

Pioneer AVIC-X3 Satellite Navigator has the maps of 26 European countries pre-loaded on a DVD. . It also provides 1.5million places of interest, thus users can easily find a hotel, a tourist spot, a petrol station etc. It allows for 2D and 3D viewing of maps. Its menu guidance is available in 10 European languages: English, French, German, Dutch, Flemish, Italian, Danish, Spanish, Swedish and Norwegian. Its voice guidance is also available in 10 languages.

Pioneer AVIC-X3 Multi-Sensor Satellite Navigator combines the GPS signals with the information obtained from a 3D gyroscope to provide quicker and precise route guidance. This also indicates that the device works well even in places where the GPS signals are weak; i.e. in tunnels, high-rise cities etc. Pioneer AVIC-X3 Satellite Navigator comes with TMC facility which enables the device to provide real-time traffic updates. Thus the user is now aware about the traffic jams and accident hotspots. This sat nav provides users with alternate route under such circumstances.

Pioneer AVIC-X3 Satellite Navigator has an in-built player can play CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD-video, MP3/WMA files. Users can now listen to their favourite tracks and watch their favourite movies as well. The user has an option of connecting the iPod as well. The advanced technology used in this satellite navigator is the Dual Zone entertainment, which allows passengers in the rear seat to watch a DVD on optional screens while the user is navigating in the front. It comes with a radio tuner as well. It includes an Anti-Theft Protection technique, so users can track their GPS device if lost. This sat nav provides Bluetooth compatibility that allows short-range wireless communication between laptops, desktops, mobile phones etc. It also includes a wired remote control.

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