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Garmin Nuvi 550 or Road Angel Adventurer 7000 – Which is Better?

This being the period of holiday and outings, its time to pack your bags and get going to venture unknown territories. Travelling should involve loads of fun and adventure. But the point is to know the place you are planning to visit. With each one having a busy schedule, is it really difficult to study the place and get an idea of the region. So in such a case, a satellite navigator forms to be your perfect travel guide. Almost everyone wants to get a little adventurous during their holidays. Does that mean you need to have two types of GPS units; one for car navigation and other for hiking or adventurous purposes.

Garmin Nuvi 550 or Road Angel Adventurer 7000 – Which is Better ?

There are dual sat navs that serve both these purposes. The Garmin Nuvi 550 and Road Angel Adventurer 7000 are two such adventurous GPS systems that can be used as automotive sat navs as well. Both of them come with a 3.5-inch display screen and a waterproof and rugged body. Also both are similar when it comes to the battery life, they both run on rechargeable battery that lasts for 8 hours. Both these units provide you with spoken directions along with visual route information.
While the Garmin Nuvi 550 comes with an internal solid state memory, the Road Angel 7000 has 1GB of total memory capacity for storing maps and other data.

Garmin Nuvi 550

Both these units provide information speed limits but the Road Angel is capable of identifying most of the safety cameras. While the Garmin device can be used for marine navigation, the Road Angel is incapable of providing this kind of information.

Furthermore, the Garmin unit comes with Garmin’s patented features that include a “Where Am I?” option, which provides you with the latitude and longitude information of your position along with the nearby hospitals or police stations. Other add-ons include an anti-theft functionality and the World Travel clock, currency and unit converter and a picture viewer.

Whilst Garmin is scoring on these points, the Road Angel is not to be left behind. It has managed to incorporate an MP3 player and Bluetooth technology in its unit. Thus is is a favourite amongst all those who have an affinity for music. Like its Garmin competitor, it includes a picture viewer for viewing photos or friends and relatives.

Both these units have their own plus and minus points. Basically, both these units are able to perform the dual function of being an in-car satellite navigator as well as a hiking GPS guide. It is advisable to have an idea of your personal requirements in a GPS unit and then weigh the pros and cons before zeroing on any one unit.

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