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GPS and Automatic Vehicle Location System (AVLS)

Global Positioning System is used for personal navigational as well as vehicle tracking purposes. GPS has gained a lot of popularity lately and has become an integral element of one’s day to day activity. Automatic Vehicle Location is a method of automatically determining the geographical location of the vehicle and transmitting to a applicant. AVLS or Automatic Vehicle Locator System can make use of either of the four technologies, GPS, Signpost and Odometer, radio navigation and dead-reckoning. However of all these GPS is the latest and most widely accepted. This system can be used in emergency vehicles, delivery trucks, service vehicles, etc.

GPS and Automatic Vehicle Location System (AVLS)

An AVL system consists of a GPS receiver on top of the vehicle, a communications link between the vehicle and the headquarters or dispatch station and a tracking software at the employer’s end. The whole communication system is similar to that used by a cellular network. As shown in the illustration, the satellites send a GPS signal to the vehicle, which in turn interacts with the communication centre through which the information is transferred to the base station computer that is situated at the dispatch centre or the employer’s headquarters. The satellite signals are picked by the GPS receiver situated on top of the vehicle. As almost all vehicles use satellite navigators there is no need to place external transmitters and receivers along the route.

example of avl system

The major advantages of AVL Systems is to be able to track and send the vehicle to the required spot as soon as possible. This is required in case of delivery trucks and police cars. An employer can track the position of the delivery truck to intimate the customer about the arrival of goods. In case of police cars, the main centre can try and find the car that is nearest to the crime scene so that it is able to arrive immediately. Owing to this the number of orders handled per day increases by a reasonable amount. Hence people will be more satisfied with the prompt arrival of services and assistance. Moreover, from the employer’s point of view, they are exactly aware of the location of their vehicle, goods and employees, thus being able to prevent antisocial activities. One of the main advantage of this system is real-time information about your vehicle’s location. Finally, employers can protect their cars, vans, buses, trucks etc. from theft.

Let’s take an example; you need to get to work and you generally take a particular bus from your nearest bus stop. It is biting cold outside and you need to know if the bus is on schedule. If the bus is connected with a AVL system then the company is aware of it exact position at any particular time. All you need to do is call them and find out if the bus is on time or late by a few minutes. Accordingly you can leave the comfort of your home to get into the bus.

The GPS and Vehicle tracking System is completely web based, thus you can view all the details on your computer. Even if you unable to constantly monitor the progress, the details of the journey are generally stored on a server that can be accessed at a later date and time. There are various GPS tracking systems available in the market today. These come with some great functionalities and features. The GPS tracking equipment comes with simple installation procedure and easy operations. So if you need to monitor and keep track of your vehicles at all times, then this is one device you certainly need to possess.

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