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Medion GoPal E3215 Satellite Navigator

Medion, a company that has specialised in the manufacturing of satellite navigators has introduced an entry-level device; the Medion GoPal E3215 Satellite Navigator that comes with all the necessary basic functionalities. It has a dimension of 92 x 80 x 17.5 mm and a 3.5-inch touch screen display that supports over 65000 colours. The screen supports both day and night viewing modes.

The device has an internal ROM memory of 512MB; this memory can be increased by using external SD memory cards. This sat nav has an internal in-built antenna that is integrated with a high sensitivity GPS receiver. It runs on a Centrality Atlas III processor that is clocked at 396 MHz. On the side of the sat nav dedicated buttons are situated for increasing and decreasing the volume of the device’s internal speakers.

Medion GoPal E3215 Satellite Navigator

Medion GoPal E3215 Satellite Navigator uses the GoPal Navigator ME 3.x software that provides the latest maps, accurate GPS tracking, several Points of Interests, and vocal destination input function. It includes the maps of Western Europe. The maps can be viewed in 2D and 3D modes. This device provides accurate route guidance and regular voice directions. This enable you to have better control of the road whilst navigating. This sat nav can be programmed to be used by cyclists, bikers as well as by people who navigate on foot.

Medion GoPal E3215 TMC Satellite Navigator provides traffic updates on a real-time basis. Thus you are aware of the various road blocks and traffic congestions that occur en-route. In case of one such road block the device quickly calculates and alternative route and guides you along the new route. Additionally it comes with an integrated picture viewer wherein you can view the various image files. A travel guide functionality that comes with this device provides detailed information on about 50 European destinations that you may want to visit. The Medion GoPal E3215 is accompanied by a 1GB SD card, a car mounting bracket along with a suction pad, a car charger cable, a USB cable a CD-ROM with the necessary software and a user friendly manual.

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