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Navigon 5100 MAX Sat Nav

Navigon is gearing up in its full swing marked by innovative launches of MAX series sat navs. It strives to cut a new, sleek and stylish design for its latest GPS gadgets by offering complete portability and compatibility for the users. Navigon has loaded Navigon 5100 MAX In Car Sat Nav model with almost all of the latest innovative features to stand out in the crowd, when compared to other brands.

Navigon 5100 MAX Sat Nav

The best accolade for Navigon MAX series has come through its Reality View Pro viewing application that provides clear & informative 3D signage, punctuated with interchanges and exits. It is also complimented with another application called 3D Lane Assistance Pro. By displaying road marking and a natural view of the lanes amidst complex traffic nodes on the motorway, Navigon 5100 MAX sat nav possibly eliminates the error of choosing a wrong lane.

Navigon 5100 MAX Touchscreen GPS system looks quite elegant and bright with a kind of polished finish. It comes fortified with great supporting applications too, such as the latest Navigon software and pre-loaded European maps. Navigon offers a 3.5-inch wide touchscreen with options to use both in portrait and landscape modes for enhanced viewing of routes. You can also have warnings in advance, on traffic jams or any other obstacles on the route by means of the Traffic Messaging services (TMC) that is a smart aspect of this gadget. Using the bodings of this device, you can tune yourselves to choose an alternate route to reach your destination quickly.

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