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NAVTEQ sees growth in pedestrian map data adoption

NAVTEQ today said that its pedestrian navigation map data, Discover Cities, has been recently adopted by major customers such as its parent company Nokia (Nokia Maps and Ovi Maps), Garmin (downloadable CityXplorer Maps on PNDs), Samsung (I8910 handset, so-called OmniaHD) and Networks in Motion (Gokivo Navigator on Blackberry App World).

NAVTEQ sees growth in pedestrian map data adoption

“The growing number of commercially available devices and applications reinforces the trend that pedestrian navigation is becoming mainstream,” said Jeff Mize, executive vice president, global sales, NAVTEQ. “We are pleased that the high-quality data from NAVTEQ Discover Cities will enable our customers to provide consumers with accurate orientation and guidance to further enhance the pedestrian experience.”

With up to 53 pedestrian-specific attributes, Discover Cities enables a multimodal pedestrian navigation experience, offering a variety of routing options to users – including those entirely on foot, or with portions on public transit systems.

Discover Cities enables routes that take into consideration the location of bus and rail stations stops and their entrances/exits in relation to the pedestrian route as well as the train/bus network information, including transfer locations. NAVTEQ indicates the availability of 100 cities globally, although a customer such as Garmin currently offers only 35 cities in Europe and 28 in North America.

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