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New Garmin Aera Sat Navs, for both Air and Road Navigation

Garmin, one of the leading manufacturers of navigation solutions has launched Garmin Aera series Satellite Navigation to suit both air and road navigation. Two modes, one for air craft and one for car has been provided in this satellite navigation that could be switched between to suit different travel modes. All satellite navigators in Garmin Aera Sat Nav Series features a wide-screen 4.3 inches touch screen display.
New Garmin Aera Sat Navs, for both Air and Road Navigation
When in air mode these sat navs will provide the information with map, weather, terrain, HIS/panel, numbers, position, WPT information, radio, active FPL and tools.

There will be four models available under this Garmin Aera Series. These include aera 500, aera 510, aera 550, and aera 560. Garmin Aera 500 is the basic model in this series. Aera 510 and Aera 560 will have an addition of XM WX capability and GXM 40 antenna. Aera 550 will have a high resolution of 9 arc obstacle data, Safe Taxi and AOPA.

The cost of the basic model is $800, whereas when it comes to aera 510, it is $1300. Aera 550 and Aera 560 are priced at $1500 and $2000 respectively.

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