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Nokia brings GPS to Series 40 phone

Nokia introduced the Nokia 6260 slide, its first phone integrating GPS with the Series 40 software. This new phone includes a 5 Mpixel camera and Wi-Fi connectivity, it is expected to ship at the beginning of 2009 for an estimated retail price of €299, before taxes and subsidies.

Nokia brings GPS to Series 40 phone

“The Nokia 6260 slide brings GPS into the Series 40 software platform for the first time, really signifying navigation arriving in the mass market”, said a Nokia statement. Nokia Maps for series 40 was released a few months ago but until now a separate Bluetooth receiver was necessary to use of the turn by turn navigation feature.

Nokia also released a new software development kit (SDK) for this Series 40 6th Edition software. Among many other improvements, this SDK supports the Java-based location API (JSR-179) for navigation and location-aware services.

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