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Rasht , رشت

Rasht (Persian: رشت) is the capital of Gilan province in northwestern Iran and the largest city along the Caspian sea coast (37°17′N 49°35′E).
It is a major trade center between Caucasia, Russia and Iran using the port of Bandar-e Anzali. Rasht is also a major tourist center with the resort of Masouleh in adjacent mountains and the beaches of Caspian the major attractions. Rasht had an estimated population of 560,123 in 2005.

Iran, Gilan, Rasht

Historically, Rasht was a major transportation field that connected Iran to the abroad and that was why the city was entitiled as the “Gate of Europe”.

It is said that the islamic prophet Muhammad once traveled to Iran after being appointed as the prophet and then came to Rasht for being acquainted with the cultural and religious capacities of this ancient city, but there is no recorded document in this matter.

Mīrza Kuchak Khan (the famous martyr of freedom of Gilan) who dedicated all of his age to fight against the occupation of Guilan by the Russian and British troops during the chaotic periods of World War I was born in Rasht.

Iran, Gilan, Rasht, Mirza Kuchak Khan

Rasht is growingly turning into an industrialized town such as most of the Iranian large cities and province capitals. Enjoying the Kadus International Hotel and hundreds of tourist attractions, Rasht receives thousands of foreign tourists annually, most of them from Austria, Germany, Netherlands, France, Australia, Japan and African countries like Senegal and Cameroon.

The head consulate of Russian Federation government is located in Rasht and some of the other Caspian region countries are also keen to establish representative headquarters in Rasht alongside their embassies in Tehran.

Iran, Gilan, Rasht, Rasht city

by Nowrouzpur Deilami

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