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Shinco GM 400 EU Satellite Navigator

Shinco GM 400 EU Portable Satellite Navigator is designed to provide route guidance during travel by car and its light weight and compact structure makes it a good handheld.
Equipped with a powerful GPS receiver, that has a 20 channel capacity, this sat-nav can connect to 20 satellites simultaneously, to provide accurate location details. An accuracy of about 15m is assured by this navigator.

Shinco GM 400 EU Satellite Navigator

Being touch sensitive, the 4” screen of this in-car, allows direct entry of destination, by the touch of your finger. You can also access the various menu options easily. The LCD colour screen has a resolution of 480 x 272 pixels and enables display of clear, detailed maps for easy understanding and operation. Ample number of Points of Interest are offered by this device too, making it easy for you to locate fuel stations, ATMs, restaurants, hotels or other significant landmarks. Speed camera alerts are provided as well, to warn you in advance about speed camera locations.

This mobile navigator has an in-built memory of 256 MB. Pre-loaded maps are already present in this navigator. Memory expansion is offered too, with the SD Card slot, that allows you to plug in an SD Card, containing additional maps and details about your journey. A USB port is present as well, to allow transfer of information into this device. The power for GPS functionality is provided by a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, that has the capacity to store charge for upto 4 hours. With a weight of 240g, a height of 75mm, a width of 134mm and a depth of 26mm, this co-traveller can easily sit in any pocket.

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