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Snooper G300 Shotmiser GPS System

Snooper has introduced a GPS golf range finder. This Snooper G300 Shotmiser GPS System comes with a dimension of 55×90×16 mm and a 2.7-inch touch screen colour display. The sat nav’s internal antenna is integrated with a SirfStar III GPS receiver.

Snooper G300 Shotmiser GPS System

With Windows CE 5.0 Core version as operating system and Samsung 2440A processor clocked at 400 MHz, it includes an SDRAM memory of 64MB. For increasing the storage capacity, a memory slot has also been provided for connecting external memory cards.

The Snooper G300 Shotmiser has created a revolution in the golfing sector. It provides a completely new outlook towards working your way in and around a golf course, beiting on your own as well as for course management. As compared to many other GPS systems that only provides numeric data and a limited number of hole positions; this one makes use of detailed and accurate maps of the golf field to provide you with the yardage data about any position on the golf course. Thus Shotmiser can be defined as a complete course management kit. It allows you to view the distance to the preferred lay point as well as the distance to reach any kind of hazard. All this can be done just by touching the screen. It is powered by a rechargeable battery that comes with a battery life of up to 5 hours.

Additionally the G300 provides you with the full shape of the hole inclusive of each and every hazard. Information is provided almost instantaneously, as soon as you reach the ball, the screen gets zooms and rotates automatically to display your exact position and yardage. The entire golf course is displayed in a map format that is easy to read. It also collects your stats and maintains a record of your score as you play. In short, this is one trustworthy golf guide to provides you with the confidence for your best shot delivery.

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