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Traceable Shoes: A New Step for GPS

GPS’ beneficial uses just keep on multiplying. The powerful tool that was once limited to military usage is now integrated into mobile phones, wrist watches and little tracking devices that help you keep up with your pup.

Over the years, the technology has found itself and some rather strange places, but it is hard to be any more unique than its most recent applications: GPS-powered shoes!

Traceable Shoes: A New Step for GPS

Sat Nav Innovation
According to a June report published in the AFP, GPS engineering firm GTX in conjunction with shoe manufacturer Aetrex Worldwide, announced their most recent joint venture: GPS-enabled shoes. The announcement leads many to believe that there will soon be some heated competition in the market for sat nav footwear.

Aetrex is looking to gain an edge quickly, as its shoes are said to offer some highly notable innovative features. The developers revealed to AFP that the shoes would provide users with the ability to program a “geo-fence” around a certain geographical area. Should the person wearing the shoes cross the designated boundary, a Google Maps alert would be delivered to the guardian’s phone. These features are particularly designed to appeal to those taking care of loved ones with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Regardless of what the developer’s plans may be, it is reported that the shoes will not be up for testing until sometime late this summer.

A Worthwhile Invention

While some people find many of the newly introduced GPS devices to be invasive, especially when these gadgets could easily fall into the wrong hands, several observers are standing up in favor of the sat nav tennis shoe concept. From what we have gathered, this innovation will serve to empower those who have lost some sense of autonomy. The combination of GPS and other micro-technology will enable the elderly and physically challenged to safely put on their new clothes, take a trip to the store in a pair of high-tech tennis shoes, and handle all of their shopping with their location and health being actively monitored along the way.

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