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Update your Garmins: 7X5, 800, 8X5, Zumo 660, GPSMAP 620/640

If you recently updated your Garmin Firmware and i essentially killed your GPS, the fix is here. Garmin has posted fixes and FAQ’s all over the place to get you back and running via “Mandatory” updates; shouldn’t have let that first one out the door, but hats off to Garmin for getting a fix out quickly. The good news is that for many, it’s a simple update, the bad news for some is that you need to send the unit back in for repair. From Garmin’s Blog:

“Garmin nüvi 7×5 series products that are no longer able to acquire a GPS satellite signal may download a firmware update immediately that will correct the software issue. This firmware update may be downloaded using Garmin’s WebUpdater.

Garmin nüvi 7×5 customers who are no longer able to power on their GPS device will need to visit, and select the first FAQ titled “My nüvi 755T, 765T, 775T or 785T is giving me the message ‘Updating GPS Firmware’ or will no longer power on…” Customers will then need to follow the instructions to request a return authorization so that the device may be repaired under warranty. ”

If you are having trouble, start a the Garmin Blog, then move to the proper download or FAQ page.

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