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Huawei selects ad-funded nav app amAze for new GPS handsets

Chinese telecom giant Huawei has selected ‘amAze’ as the turn-by-turn navigation application on its new GPS handsets said Locationet, the developer of this ad-funded navigation system.

New Huawei Smartphones

New Huawei Smartphones

According to the agreement, the amAze application will be pre-installed by Huawei on its new GPS-enabled handsets. Huawei has unveiled two GPS handsets with its own brand at the recently held CommunicAsia trade show in Singapore. The Android-powered “U8230” and the “C8000”, which utilizes the Windows Mobile operating system, will be released in the second half of 2009. Users of the Huawei handsets will gain immediate access to the amAze navigation service with a wide coverage of rich maps around the globe.

“Huawei’s progress with handset sales are gaining momentum with shipments of CDMA handsets recently surpassing the 50 million mark”, stated a recent press release from the Chinese manufacturer.

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