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Vexia Econav 350 GPS System

Vexia has recently introduced an environment friendly satellite navigator that will help you save money as well as protect the environment. It also shows you the most optimal route to your destination. The Vexia Econav 350 In-Car GPS System measures about 77mm x 88mm x 17mm and weighs around 129 grams. It comes with a 3.5-inch touch screen display that has a screen resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. This GPS device comes with a flash memory of 2GB. This memory capacity can also be increased using SD or MMC memory cards.

Vexia Econav 350 GPS System

It runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that has a total battery life of 5 hours. Vexia has incorporated the Dual Core processor that is clocked at 400MHz. Its internal antenna is integrated with a SIRF Atlas III GPS receiver. Additionally it has a 3.5mm socket for connecting headphones.

The Vexia Econav 350 GPS System provides you with the most efficient driving instructions. It can also plan multiple route journey. Whilst providing you with regular route guidance, this GPS unit gives you timely voice prompts. This enables you to concentrate on the road better. If you are travelling on a multiple lane route then you can use the Lane Assist functionality of this portable sat nav, it will tell you the correct lane you need to take. Vexia has integrated Navigation Software Vexia On-Road 2008 for providing you with correct and precise navigational data.

This portable sat nav includes a Gear change indicator, an excess speed indicator, an optimum speed indicator, about 3 saving levels, Econav technology and UK street maps. The Vexia Econav 350 Entry-Level GPS System is the world’s first navigational device that helps you in saving about 30% in fuel consumption and in reduction of harmful emissions. With this eco-friendly satellite navigator, you are sure to save a lot of fuel consumption as well as able to contribute to a better and greener future.

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