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ZorroGPS just launched their latest version. Following the problems encountered on the first version, the software underwent many corrections and is now at version 3.0 which is available for download. The new version comes with the most recent Navteq maps to date: March 2009.


ZorroGPS is very fast and it takes 5 seconds to calculate a route for 2000 kilometers and 1 second for route recalculation. This GPS navigation software also can overlay satellite maps.

The prices of ZorroGPS are very attractive and vary according to the maps you’re getting:

With one of the 22 regions of France: 17 €
With France: 19 €
With Europe: 29 €
With the United States: 27 €
These prices are great but you have to keep in mind that other features such as speed limits, realistic road signs, lane information is optional and cost extra.

It is compatible with Smartphones with touch or regular screen with Windows Mobile, such Asus P565, Eten glofiish M810, the HTC Touch Diamond, the HTC Touch HD, the LG Incite, Motorola Q11, Palm Treo Pro, Samsung i900, Sony Ericsson Xperia X1, and Toshiba G810.
We’re also informed that ZorroGPS will soon be available also for Nokia and Blackberry.

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