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MTN to use Garmap’s mobile satnav in South Africa

[ad#imapnov08] Earlier this month South African wireless operator MTN (over 15 million subscribers) partnered with Garmap, a provider of satellite navigation and mapping services in South Africa, to provide its off-board navigation solution, Garmap for Mobile Online, on BlackBerry smartphones.…

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Karaj routable map on Garmin

Karaj routable map is added to Iran Routable Map. The Iran Routable Map is compatible with Garmin. To read more and purchase please click here Other Related Articles Iran & Tehran GPS map for Garmin Iran Routable GPS map for…

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MP3 Player In Sat Nav

[ad#imapnov08] Many of the latest navigational devices are designed to feature entertainment options also. Built-in radio, CD, DVD players and MP3 players are among the entertainment devices that are integrated to the satellite navigational equipments. There are innumerable models and…

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Garmin Mobile 20 GPS Kit

[ad#imapnov08] The All-in-One Garmin Mobile 20 GPS Kit is a basically a phone stand or cradle that comes with Bluetooth compatibility and an in-built GPS receiver. All you need is a phone with that comes with internet connectivity. With you…

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Mobile Phone Navigation For Carriers

[ad#imapnov08] Networks In Motion (NIM) has announced it will partner with Ericsson, the world's largest provider of technology services to mobile network operators, to offer NIM's location-based services (LBS) for GPS-enabled mobile phones to Ericsson customers worldwide. With the agreement,…

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NAVTEQ new multi-year deal with Microsoft

[ad#imapnov08] Digital map provider NAVTEQ announced a new agreement with Microsoft for its map data and additional products. With this new contract Microsoft now has access to all 74 countries in the NAVTEQ map database. This multi-year agreement also allows…

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