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ECCO – A Gadget to Keep the Driver in Check

IDC Design Corporation announced the ECCO, the personal pocket GPS device. This is expected to be an ideal unit for people of all age groups and can be used to track a many things like your car in the parking lot, a camping tent, etc.

The ECCO is an low-cost personal navigation system that makes use of an advanced GPS technology clubbed with a simple user interface packaged into a key-fob. This unit will prevent users from getting lost in crowded parking lots, camping zones, and while travelling in unfamiliar territory.

ECCO – A Gadget to Keep the Driver in Check

A user can lock their starting position by pressing a single button. Now the ECCO is supposed to act as a compass and whenever the user needs to return back, it will guide them back to their starting location. Directional arrows and a distance meter is used for this purpose. This device is attached to the keychain and works to direct users up to 9999 miles.

Priced at $99.99, the ECCO is said to work without the need for any programme fees or map downloads.

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