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TomTom Rider V2 Satellite Navigator for Wonderful Biking Experience

The TomTom Rider V2 is a sat nav that has been designed specifically for bikers. It is tough and rugged and comes with waterproofing abilities to be able to face the tough weather. Its user friendly software has won an award for its ease of use. It just just needs to be mounted on your bike and can be used almost immediately. With its door-to-door navigation and crystal clear 3D graphics display, it is bound to provide you with an excellent biking experience. It includes a sturdy universal RAM mounting hardware that fits on almost any bike. Moreover, this TomTom Rider V2 Bikers Sat Nav System provides clear high quality in-helmet voice instructions that guide you smoothly from A to B.

TomTom Rider V2 Satellite Navigator for Wonderful Biking Experience

Although, the TomTom Rider V2 has been designed for bikers, it can also be used in your car by fitting the car mounting kit. Also you need not have to fiddle with the menu options to switch it to in-car navigation mode, the device automatically adjusts itself. It provides precise and accurate turn-by-turn spoken instructions. Also route recalculation is pretty quick. Its multilingual capability provides instructions in 36 different languages, so you can choose one of your choice. The volume of the instructions vary in accordance with your speed. Additionally, one can use the tip feature of the TomTom Rider V2 Portable GPS System to discover all the features and functionalities it can offer.

This TomTom sat nav is integrated with a 20-channel GPS receiver for continuous tracking. Its 32MB internal RAM memory can increased using SD cards. It runs on a processor clocked at 380MHz. All the navigational instructions can be viewed on the device’s 3.5-inch touch screen and glove friendly display. It measures about 113.2 x 96.2 x 52.9 mm in dimensions and is a little heavy at a weight of 310 grams. Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery it has a battery life of approximately 5 hours. It also provides Bluetooth compatibility thereby enabling you to make and receive hands free calls via a compatible Bluetooth headset. Furthermore, it alerts the biker about the upcoming safety cameras, thus preventing one from being caught for speed related issues.

This TomTom Rider V2 Satellite Navigator comes preloaded with the maps of 23 European countries for easy hassle free navigation. Overall, is satellite navigator is the big brother of the TomTom Rider that was initially designed to provide bikers with a navigational assistant. With its user friendly menu options, and smart services, it is indeed a safe and secure GPS device that is can provide a great biking experience. It brings along a Cardo scala-rider wireless Bluetooth compatible headset, a RAM mounting hardware, a home charger, a battery cable, a security strap, TomTom RIDER carry case, pre-Installed SD Card containing latest maps, a CD-ROM including full product manual, a USB cable and a user guide.

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