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Navigon 8410 Satellite Navigator

The Navigon 8410 offers a new dimension to the European navigation with the 3 dimensional views to Europe’s main cities providing a realistic view of the area. This display provides users with a better orientation of the area making driving a pleasant experience. Also it makes it easy for the user to maintain an overview of the major motorways and junctions. The Navigon 8410 In-Car Satellite Navigator is equipped with a 5-inch touch screen display for viewing the navigational data.
Navigon 8410 Satellite Navigator
The device comes preloaded with the latest map data; Navigon updates the mapping information every three months, so now a user can get updated maps every three months free of cost for 2 years.

Navigon 8410 Satellite Navigator can be operated on voice commands. Owing to its speech recognition technology, the device can listen to, comprehend and function as instructed by the user. This facility provides a user with better control over the road and drive safely. The MyRoutes function is capable of calculating the best route that is adapted to one’s personal driving style, day of the week and time of the day. Additionally, tow more routes are also calculated and displayed with the final choice left to the user. Also the device is equipped with a TMC module that provides details regarding the traffic congestions on a real-time basis. Also in case of road blocks the device will compute an alternate route and guide you via it.

The Navigon 8410 Hand-Held Satellite Navigator helps a user to change lanes or follow the correct lane on intersections with the help of lane assist functionality. It is pre-installed with the safety camera database that provides a user with prompt audio and visual warnings on approaching fixed camera locations, timely speed alerts are also provided. An integrated Bluetooth module enables hands free calling by linking the unit with a compatible mobile phone. For entertainment purposes, the device has been incorporated with a music and video player and a picture viewer that a user can use to watch movies, listen to music and view latest photographs of family and friends. Overall with this portable satnav unit one does not need to worry about getting lost en-route to the destination.

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