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Nokia ships Map on Ovi

Nokia launched the Beta version of its mapping portal Maps on Ovi, which was announced some months ago, as well as an updated version of its mobile navigation software Nokia Maps 3.0. This combination of Nokia Maps plus Ovi allows users to synchronize their routes between their computer and their mobile device.

Nokia ships Map on Ovi

Nokia Maps has been updated to include a number of new features such as high-resolution aerial images, 3D landmarks for 216 cities and terrain maps, as well as a new route overview during routing and during Drive, the purchasable turn-by-turn car navigation guidance.
Walk, pedestrian navigation, improves from where the last version left off, by adding straight-line guidance, which allows you to walk the shortest distance between point A and point B. in an urban environment, beeps and vibrations during Walk navigation alert the user when he needs to make a turn along its route.

Nokia Ovi

“The level of detail in the maps has increased to the point that you can view multiple entrances to the same underground metro station”, said Nokia.
Other new options for Nokia Maps include instant access to real time information such as camera alerts, safety spots and traffic information for selected countries, as well as Wcities event guides that give real-time information for events and movies in over 450 destinations.

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