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Shirvan Valley, Sabalan, Iran

Shirvan Valley (دره شیروان سبلان) is one of 11 wildlife habitats located in Sabalan mountains (کوه سبلان) area . It is located about 20 kilometers from city of Meshkinshahr (Meshkin Shahr) (مشكين شهر). Shirvan is 2200 meters above sea level,…

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Safi-ad-din Tomb, Ardabil, Iran

Sheikh Safi-ad-din Is'haq Ardabili (of Ardabil) (1252-1334) (Persian: شیخ صفی‌الدین اردبیلی), eponym of the Safavid dynasty, was the spiritual heir and son in law of the great Sufi Murshid (Grand Master) Sheikh Zahed Gilani, of Lahijan in Gilan Province in…

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